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Deliverables and milestones:

December, 2009: The project self-evaluation report has been completed.

July, 2009: DISC-UK members gave a half-day training workshop at Beyond the Repository Fringe in Edinburgh based on the Policy-making for Research Data in Repositories: A Guide.

May, 2009: DISC-UK members along with Ann Green (Yale) and Gail Steinhart (Cornell) gave a half-day training workshop - Data Requirements and Digital Repositories - to twenty-one data professionals at the IASSIST/IFDO 2009 conference in Tampere, Finland, based on the recently published Guide.

May, 2009: Policy-making for Research Data in Repositories: A Guide is available for download (Adobe PDF). The guide is intended to be used as a decision-making and planning tool for institutions with digital repositories in existence or in development that are considering adding research data to their digital collections.

May, 2009: DataShare Final Report now available in JISC Repository. Executive Summary also available separately [PDF].

May, 2009: Two papers were contributed to the most recent edition of IASSIST Quarterly: the project manager summarised the work of the DataShare Project; Luis Martinez-Uribe reported on the requirements gathering exercise on researchers' needs at Oxford.

April, 2009: Final project report submitted to JISC including partner appendices.

April, 2009: The project manager gave an invited paper - Lessons Learned from the DISC-UK DataShare and Data Audit Framework Implementation Projects at the Digital Curation Practice, Promise and Prospects (DIGCCUR) conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1-3 April.

April, 2009: One hundred and forty-two "faves" (annotated social bookmarks) were written by project staff over the project period on topics relevant to the project. The dynamic tag cloud on the DISC-UK collective intelligence page displays links to the bookmarks by keyword tags and the annotations have also been piped into the project blog.

March, 2009: The Questions and Answers page has been completed on the project website by the project manager; the purpose is to explain basic concepts to do with the project to audiences with different tacit knowledge, e.g. librarians and researchers.

March, 2009: Metadata Schema. DataShare Metadata Schema for ePrints Soton, by Harry Gibbs [PDF].

March, 2009: A prototype ePrints 3.1 repository has been created at the University of Southampton. This has enabled the deposit of research data, and associated metadata, under the new item type ‘Dataset’. It has also provided an opportunity to carry out usability testing on the deposit process and metadata schema. The repository is not intended to be made public and instead will act as an internal demonstrator to encourage and facilitate data deposit. When the institutional repository, ePrints Soton, is upgraded to 3.1 the data from the prototype will be transferred and become public. ePrints Soton will then be fully equipped to accept research datasets in addition to publications, patents, artefacts, exhibitions, musical compositions and performances.

March, 2009: Oxford and Southampton partners have completed their Data Audit Framework deliverables and published the following reports: Using the Data Audit Framework: an Oxford Case Study, and Southampton Data Survey: Our Experience and Lessons Learned.

March, 2009: A separate instance of Fedora has been set up which will act as a new repository running parallel to ORA - Oxford University Research Archive. It will hold research data and has been named DataBank. It is anticipated that DataBank will be a store for 'long tail' data ie data not held in other locations both within and external to Oxford University, and which does not comprise vast grid or similar datasets. In the first instance DataBank will not be directly accessible: access will be via digital objects held in ORA. A blog post by Ben O'Steen discusses handling tabular data in DataBank, and another post on the DataShare blog by Luis Martinez Uribe gives an update of recent progress at Oxford.

February, 2009: George Hamilton wrote a blog post of his impressions of attending the JISC Developer Happiness Days in London, 9-13 February.

February, 2009: Stuart Macdonald gave an invited presentation, The strange case of the local data librarian - a peculiarly Edinburgh perspective! at the Economic and Social Data Service training event, ESDS - What's in it for Librarians? on 13 Feb, 2009.

February, 2009: Anne Donnelly wrote a blog post describing the JISC Start Up & Enhancement Projects Training Event: Embedding Respositories, University of Lincoln, 10th February 2009.

February, 2009: Harry Gibbs wrote a blog post summarising the event, "The significance of data management for social survey research," hosted by the Economic and Social Data Service at the University of Essex.

January, 2009: The project manager made a number of study visits to Australian and New Zealand institutions engaged in developing services and policies for data management. Her impressions are being recorded in a series of posts on the DataShare blog: the series is called Data Walkabout. Copies of her presentations at seminars at the University of Sydney and Monash University (plus a podcast at the latter) have been posted.

January, 2009: The final report of the Edinburgh Data Audit Framework Implementation Project was submitted and deposited in the JISC Information Environment repository, including 5 case studies of audited units in the University. Cuna Ekmekcioglu, the project manager of that project is seconded to the DataShare project to assist the DataShare project manager and the local DAF steering committee to carry out its intended outcomes from the project, including development of training and guidance web pages for data management aimed at researchers and postgraduates. This work will continue into the summertime (after the end of the DataShare project).

December, 2008: Anne Donnelly joins the project team as DataShare Project Officer at Edinburgh.

December, 2008: A Symposium on Institutional Data Services was held as part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Edinburgh University Data Library on 5 December. Peter Burnhill, Director of EDINA and the Data Library, presented a paper on the history of the Data Library. Other speakers were Charles (Chuck) Humphrey and Sheila Anderson plus an international panel.

December, 2008: The DISC-UK project team met in person on 4th December at EDINA in Edinburgh (where the DCC conference was held earlier in the week).

November, 2008: Robin Rice gave a presentation on Roles & Responsibilities for Data Curation: the Data Librarian at the 2nd DCC/RIN workshop of the Research Data Management Forum in Manchester, 27 November 2008.

November, 2008: Robin Rice and Guy McGarva (EDINA) gave a two minute presentation at the Innovation Fair on Geospatially Enabling DSpace Repositories: Standards-compliant ways to georeference items in DSpace at the SPARC Conference on Digital Libraries in Baltimore, 18 November 2008.

November, 2008: Stuart Macdonald presented Open Data - Projects, Tools, Initiatives at Seminario Sobre Datasets Consorcio Madrono, Salon de Actos, Facultad de Ciencias Politicas y Sociologia - UNED, Madrid, 17 November 2008.

October 2008: Third progress report delivered to JISC, including evaluation plan and partner reports.

October 2008: Revised workpackages reflecting London School of Economics dropping to Associate Partner level and the addition of Data Audit Framework tasks at the three partner institutions.

October 2008: Edinburgh DataShare repository announced to be open for business in the University IT newsletter, BITS.

October 2008: London School of Economics, as associate partner in DISC-UK DataShare, announces new data librarian in post [blog entry].

October 2008: Stuart Macdonald and Luis Martinez Uribe each attended the week-long DCC 101 training course at the National e-Science Centre in Edinburgh.

September 2008: Robin Rice presented a poster at the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications (DC-2008) in Berlin, on Applying DC to Institutional Data Repositories, [PDF]. Additionally she gave an invited brief presentation at the Metadata for Scientific Datasets Workshop held during the conference.

September 2008: Briefing paper. Data Visualisation Tools: Part 2 - Spatial Data in a Web 2.0 Environment and Beyond, by Stuart Macdonald [PDF]. Minor updates October 2008.

September, 2008: New Report - The Skills, Role and Career Structure of Data Scientists, by Luis Martinez [blog entry].

September, 2008: International Census Microdata Conference: Some resources recommended by speakers and JISC - Rights and Repositories Programme Meeting, Tanvi Desai [2 blog entries].

August, 2008: Notes from the Edinburgh Repository Fringe, by Stuart Macdonald [3 blog entries].

August, 2008: Stuart Macdonald presented Open Data, Open Minds - Web 2.0 data visualisation tools at Edinburgh Repository Fringe 2008, Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh, 1 August 2008.

July, 2008: Luis Martinez Uribe presented the findings of the Oxford Research Data Management Project - Scoping digital repository services for research data management at Edinburgh Repository Fringe 2008, Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh, 31 July 2008.

July, 2008: Robin Rice gave a DISC-UK DataShare project 'Soap-box' presentation - Opening the Doors: Minding the Gaps at Edinburgh Repository Fringe 2008, Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh, 31 July 2008.

July, 2008: Stuart Macdonald presented DISC-UK DataShare at the MIMAS Open Forum, University of Manchester, 9 July 2008.

July, 2008: DSpace Metadata Schema for Edinburgh DataShare - Ver. 1, 3 July 2008 by Robin Rice, Stuart Macdonald and George Hamilton [PDF].

July, 2008: DSpace for Data, 3 July 2008 by Robin Rice [blog entry].

July, 2008: Robin Rice contributed an article about the project to a special issue on digital repositories in ALISS Quarterly (3)4.

June, 2008: DISC-UK goes to Silicon Valley for IASSIST 08, 27 June 2008 by Jane Roberts [blog entry].

June, 2008: Robin Rice presented DataShare and Data Audit Framework projects at Edinburgh at the DCC/Edinburgh e-Science Collaborative Workshop, National e-Science Centre, University of Edinburgh, 12 June 2008 and at the Research Data Management Workshop, University of Oxford, 13 June, 2008.

June, 2008:Report from the RELU/UKDA Anonymity and Consent workshop, Edinburgh University, 17 June 2008 by Stuart Macdonald [blog entry].

June, 2008: Interview with Luis Martinez-Uribe and Stuart Macdonald published in CILIP Update; June 2008. Data Librarianship - a gap in the market.

June, 2008: Open Repositories 2008 Conference Report published in CILIP Update; June 2008, by Stuart Macdonald and Luis Martinez-Uribe.

May, 2008: Tanvi Desai (LSE), Robin Rice (Edinburgh), Stuart Macdonald (Edinburgh) gave presentations at the International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology (IASSIST) annual conference, Stanford University, US, 28-30 May 2008.

April, 2008: Progress report sent to JISC programme manager.

April, 2008: Several members of the team attend Open Repositories, 2008 in Southampton and present a poster session. Ben O'Steen, Oxford, is member of the winning team of the Developer's Challenge for code using OAI-ORE.

April, 2008:Report back from Open Knowledge conference, LSE, 15 March 2008 by Robin Rice [blog entry].

March, 2008: A 'lightning presentation' was given at the Open Knowledge Conference, LSE, 15 March 2008 on DataShare by Robin Rice [webcast at http://www.archive.org/details/OkCon2008 (final MP3 file, about half-way through)].

March, 2008: Article published in Online; Mar/Apr2008, Vol. 32 Issue 2, p36-40. Libraries in the Converging Worlds of Open Data, E-Research, and Web 2.0 (subscription required for access to article), by Stuart Macdonald and Luis Martinez.

March, 2008: What's Different About Data?, by Robin Rice [blog entry].

March 2008: Blogs for Statistics and Data in the social sciences and beyond - As part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 7th - 16th March, by Stuart Macdonald.

February 2008: Web page. Collective Intellligence. RSS newsfeeds added to related sites.

February 2008: Presentations (from project team meeting). Data Documentation Initiative (DDI), by Ann Green [PDF]. Guidelines and Tools for Repository Planning and Assessment, by Ann Green [PDF]. (Other presentations and notes posted on team filestore.)

February 2008: Briefing paper. The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) and Institutional Repositories, by Luis Martinez [PDF].

January 2008: Web page. Collective Intellligence. Dynamic tag cloud with links to social bookmarks.

January 2008: Briefing paper. Data Visualisation Tools: Part 1 - Numeric Data in a Web 2.0 Environment, by Stuart Macdonald [PDF].

December 2007: Poster session. DISC-UK DataShare: Building capacity for institutional data repositories, presented at the 3rd International Digital Curation Centre conference, December 11-13, by Robin Rice, Ann Green, Sally Rumsey.

December 2007: Leaflets. Four varieties of A5 colour leaflets printed for dissemination purposes by project team.

December 2008: Part of a poster session highlighting EDINA repository projects presented at Data Without Borders , the 3rd Annual ESDS International Conference, December 3, by Stuart Macdonald.

November 2007: Technical officer takes up post at Edinburgh.

October 2007: Progress report sent to JISC programme manager.

September 2007: Presentation. Open the Data Doors to Perception (presented at the Internet Librarian International 2007: New Realities, Roles, Resources, London, UK), by Luis Martinez and Stuart Macdonald [PPT].

September 2007: Report. DISC-UK DataShare: State-of-the-Art Review, by Harry Gibbs [PDF].

September 2007: Poster session. Repository Junction and Beyond at the EDINA (UK) National Data Centre Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries: 11th European Conference, ECDL 2007 Proceedings (September 2007) Budapest, Hungary, by Robin Rice ,et al [Published summary, PDF]. Graphical poster [PDF].

September 2007: DataShare logo and newly designed DISC-UK website.

September 2007: Graphic. Data Sharing Continuum, by Robin Rice [PDF].

September 2007: Project Plan (minus appendices) [PDF]. Workpackages [PDF].

August 2007: DataShare Blog (including feeds from our social bookmarks).

July, 2007: Correspondence. DISC-UK Response to RIN consultation: Stewardship of digital research data - principles and guidelines, by Robin Rice, et al . See http://www.rin.ac.uk/data-principles for RIN documents.

See also the Publications and presentations page for DISC-UK outputs pre-dating the project .


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