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Project Team


DISC-UK DataShare contact: Robin Rice (Project Manager) - r.rice AT ed.ac.uk

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University of Edinburgh

University of Oxford

University of Southampton

Digital Life Cycle Research & Consulting

London School of Economics (Associate Partner)

Project Staff

Project Directors

  • Peter Burnhill - EDINA National Data Centre, University of Edinburgh
  • Mark Brown - University of Southampton

Project Manager

  • Robin Rice - EDINA National Data Centre and Edinburgh University Data Library

Project Officers

  • Harry Gibbs - University of Southampton Library
  • Stuart Macdonald - EDINA National Data Centre and Edinburgh University Data Library
  • Tanvi Desai - LSE Research Laboratory Data Service
  • Jane Roberts - Oxford Data Library (Nuffield College)
  • Luis Martinez Uribe - Oxford eResearch Centre

Repository Managers

  • Theo Andrew - Digital Library Division, University of Edinburgh
  • Frances Shipsey - Information Services, LSE Library
  • Sally Rumsey - Oxford University Research Archive
  • Neil Jefferies - IT Development & Strategy Team, Oxford University Library Services
  • Wendy White - University of Southampton Libraries

Technical Staff

  • George Hamilton - EDINA National Data Centre
  • Ben O'Steen - Oxford University Research Archive

Project Consultant

  • Ann Green - Digital Life Cycle Research & Consulting, Newhaven, Conn., USA

Repository Experience of Project Partner Institutions

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